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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Depressed in Cleveland

The election is over, Bush is president for four more years and I'm depressed as hell. I can only now think about it, talk about it and blog about it. Thoughts of stolen elections and faulty exit polls doesn't sound so far fetched to me. Check out any site, including the county election returns in Ohio and Florida and you tell me how a paper trail doesn't exist. All the controversy focusing in optical scan areas with abnormal totals for Bush in areas where only 9% of the electorate is Republican. Explain please! Over-voting in my county by 90,000+. We are talking about an election that was determined in Ohio by 136,000 votes. I think to give us all closure, there should be a thorough recount and investigation everywhere. But that's just me. For some humor and commaraderie, check out www.sorryeverybody.com.


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