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Friday, October 08, 2004

conspiracy of our silence

my daughter is six and speaks of war
not toys, or school, or play
we watch the news after her bed time
because she is afraid of what she does not understand,
but more afraid from what she does

why is America killing people, mommy?
this still rings in my ears the same as it did on that beautiful fall day
when she returned from school
what do I tell her? how do I explain to this small frightened child
what I still do not have answers for
even she knows, at her age, that she, that we, are America
that in her reality, we, her parents must be part of this

we speak of peace and try to explain that not all of America
supports this war
and I end weakly about change and politics
she doesn't feel better, she is already beginning to realize
the conspiracy of our silence


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